No Strings Attached: Sexual Encounters for the Open-minded

Sexual Encounters for the Open-minded

You might be wondering why that open-minded person seems so elusive when you have heard stories and read online that getting a hookup is easy. To get laid with no strings attached can be done if you look in the right places. When we want an intimate encounter with a person that won’t complicate our lives, it is possible to go online to find that mate.

Picking up someone

There was a time that if a person wanted to find a mate, they would have to go out to places like bars. They might have sat down on a barstool, nursing their drink. If they are lucky, a pretty lady might walk in, and they would get to talk to her after buying her a drink so that they can get the ball rolling for XXX sex dating.

Courtship ritual

The courtship dance that one had to do to get a mate does take a lot of time. After meeting the person in a bar, if they don’t have sex that night, there is the “getting to know you” stage. Then, they have to go out on dates. Perhaps, a relationship will develop, but sometimes, things fizzle out.

Playing the field

To make sure to find someone, many men played the field. But, it does get costly and time-consuming, not to mention frustrating, to have one failed date after another. If the man does succeed in getting laid often by different women, they might leave a trail of broken hearts, as they do move on.


Many men don’t want to hurt the feelings of a woman intentionally, but that was the way of the old-fashioned dating game. A man has to court the ladies and offer a long-term relationship to most potential partners. The courtship ritual was necessary for men to establish a connection and present themselves as the right one. If the woman says, “Yes,” the man is stuck in a relationship, even if all that he wanted was sex.

Emotional attachment

Many women need emotional attachment works as that turns them on. The very thought of having a man that will woo them made it so pleasant to be courted. Some women won’t put out for the entire courtship state as they want to get married and use sex as leverage. The response of some women to courtship by not getting laid right away is socially acceptable behavior, especially during those days.

Not a game

Those long nights at a bar waiting for someone to walk in can get boring. Not all nights can one get results, and a man might end up drinking the loneliness away. Many men have realized that they prefer to no longer play the courtship game as the tears of those with broken hearts plague them, and it could mean trouble. It is best to be upfront with the intentions. Cards can be laid on the table, and a person does have the right to choose whether they want to play the game or not. If you want to find someone that is upfront with their intentions, you can download apps for sex dates. You’ll be able to play the sex dating game with no strings attached!